Press these12 secret points on your body and see the magic

Since times unknown humans explored the power of pressing various body parts to decongest them of pain and trauma. We don’t need to ask anyone, the soothing experience of a massage on paining feet or neck or head.

Acupressure, an amazing alternative healing technique is based on the concept, that life energy flows through “meridians” in the body. Disease is a result of blockages in these meridians and clearing blockages in these meridians by applying physical pressure not only heals amazingly, but helps in  energy & metabolism boost and delivers relief from stress , anxiety and tension.

Continue reading to know how you can heal yourself bysimply applying mild pressure on  12 Magical Pressure Points in your body

1. Squeeze to induce Calmness

L14 pressure pointYour LI4 acupressure point is located on the top side of the hand, between your thumb and your index finger. To locate it, squeeze the thumb against the base of the index finger. The point you are looking for is located on the highest point of the bulge of the muscle. Press this point for about 30 seconds to induce calmness and for a health-inducing digestive detox. A caution here: do not try this technique if you are pregnant.

2. Unblock anger-press your feet

accupressureYour 12 pressure point is found on the foot, on the line running between the big toe and the second toe and about three finger widths from the edge in the hollow on the top of the foot. Move your index finger anticlockwise over this point in order to induce relaxation and to unblock any anger and depression.

3. Clear your kidnies

Acupressure-KidneyYour kidney point, which can be used to treat fatigue and lethargy, as well as to detox the body through the kidneys, is located on the sole of the foot, just to the side of the ball of the foot under the second or third toe. Press and release several times.

4. Enjoy an extra energy boost

stomach pointStimulating your stomach point can give you extra energy when you’re flagging or tired. It is located just below the knee, on the outside of the shin bone. Press for at least 30 seconds with the pad of your finger or thumb.

5. A stressed Neck-no problem

occipital hollowtension-relief point, good for reducing pain caused by tension headaches and relieving tired eyes, is found in the occipital hollow, where the bottom of the skull meets the neck on either side of the spine. Use a thumb on either side to compress this area but be very careful not to press too hard.

6. Anxiety and Stress-push them out

forearm creasestress-relieving point for reducing anxiety and tension is found at the top center of the forearm (with palm facing down) in the large section of muscle just underneath the crease of the elbow. Press for several seconds and release several times.

7. Matter of Heart

si18-19Your SI19 point is located near the ear, just before the small projection in front of the ear canal. It’s in the depression that forms when the mouth is opened. Press for several seconds to release your inner emotions and desires.

8. Kick your Metabolism

accumetabolism-boosting point is found on top of the foot, roughly in line with the middle two toes and directly over die arch. Use two fingers to apply broader pressure here because of the bones and ligaments.

9. Compress wrist and reduce stress

wristFind the spot between the tendons of the inside of the wrist, three finger widths from the palm. Breathe in, press as you breathe out slowly and repeat several times to reduce stress and strain.

10. Get instant immunity

ankle boneAn immunity-boosting point that is also good for combating fatigue, depression and general feelings of sluggishness is found on the inside of the ankle above the foot between the Achilles tendon and the ankle bone. Press and release several times for 10-20 seconds.

11. Form a fist for headache relief

Kidney_DiseaseA point for general pain relief (especially of headaches) is round on the back, in line with the kidneys. The best way to stimulate this point is to sit up straight on a chair and form a fist with both hands. Place the fists behind your back so they touch and lie level with the elbow. Lean back gently.


12. Anti -STRESS press

V shape area between thumb and forefinger Stimulating the acupressure point that is located in the soft V-shaped area of flesh found between the thumb and forefinger can help reduce stress. Press the pad of your thumb into this area for at least 30 seconds and then repeat the same action on the other hand.

Squeeze these secret points on your body for a healthy happy and stress free life. For more details on the subject mail us your query to

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