7 Spiritual Laws everyone must know

Metaphysical Spirituality emphasizes Spiritual Laws which, when followed, form the essence of right living:

CreationThe Law of Life

In this universe we are all bound to the laws that govern, control and guide us for an abundant and meaningful life. Nature bestows its love upon ourselves in form of nurturing us with love and life preservation. The very existence of ours is dependent on the gift of life which comes to us even before we are born.The Law of Life controls our relations between God and self.  The amount of power that is expressed through us is dependent upon our understanding of the relationship and our ability to adjust ourselves to it.

The Law of Truth

The Law of Truth constitutes right thinking, right acting and right living. Whatever our understanding of life is, the fact is that “Truth remains”.

Law of Balance

We all know about the law of balance. There are times when we are on top of the world and other times when we are down in the dumps. The law of balance tells us that everything will balance in the end. So when we are down or high we should remember that things will change. We won’t stay in either situation without balancing our time in the other. It is good to be aware of this while we are going through the peak of either of these positions. We won’t be here for long and we should keep ourselves emotionally balanced so that when we go in the other direction we are similarly aware and balanced about our position. This law of balance is tied in with the law of Karma.

sprit lawsLaw of Karma

One of the basic spiritual laws which we seem to forget about is the law of Karma. This is the law that balances all the good and bad things we do to ensure we learn the results of our actions. For example if I hit someone, they may hit me back both to defend themselves but also to balance the karma. If I steal something, I may never get caught by the victim or the authorities but it still goes on my list of karma. A while later I may have something of similar value stolen from me.

One of the problems with the Law of Karma is that it can often take a long time for the karma to return to us. Sometimes it may not return in the same lifetime. This delayed operation of the law helps explain why we have some of the challenges and problems in our lives. It can also explain why other challenges seem to pop up out of nowhere. We have earned this karma by the deeds we have done in previous lives and now we have the opportunity to sort it out and learn from it.

The Law of Attention and Attraction

We are where we put our attention. If we can become aware of this law we will begin to achieve what we set our mind to or where we put our attention. For example if we focus on the troubles, the problems, the challenges we see in life around us, then we will have a life filled with troubles, problems and challenges. On the other hand if our attention is on the good things in life, the beauty, the kindness, the positive side of things, our lives will be good, beautiful and positive.

Some people refer to this law as the Law of Attraction. It has to do with where we focus our attention. The things we focus on will be attracted to us. It is one of the spiritual laws of life.

The Law of Attraction is the law of energy that brings back to the person that which  is created by our thoughts and actions.  Like attracts like.  As we think, we direct energy to manifest our thoughts into matter and physical reality.  We literally create the conditions of our lives now and in the future.

The Law of Freedom

The Law of Freedom endows us with free will and power of choice.  We are responsible for every aspect of our living.  We shape our own lives.

two dovesThe Law of Love

The Law of Love is the most important of all laws.  All down through the ages, love of God and man has been the beacon light by which souls have been led to greater achievement.  It is the creative force of all life.  Love is God in manifestation and exists everywhere and in all things.

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  1. Aditya says:

    This was an awesome post!!

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    1. Amitabh says:

      Thanks Aditya for your words of encouragement. Remain connected for more insights in “the science of life”

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      1. Aditya says:

        Sure! 😊


  2. Ashok Bhatotia says:

    . Metaphysicality has a lot to do with impersonality and other touch points… And takes a more objective of it.

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