And you thought only women PMS..

by: Dr. Amitabh, CEO, Aadyanta-The Science of Life
Mood Swings, Irritated Behavior, Out-of-the-blue Foodie and Hot Flushes. Yes, it’s that time of the month again.

And guess what, these are symptoms reported by men, not women. No Jokes….

Spartans pms

Recent research suggests many men suffer from pre-menstrual-style symptoms, in some cases as badly as women. The news is bound to be greeted with snorts of cynicism by most females.

But the study published recdntly shows that the majority of men claim to suffer from a range of symptoms most usually associated with pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).irritable male syndromw

Dr Aimee Aubeeluck of the University of Derby, who carried out the study, said: “We asked 50 men and 50 women lots of questions about symptoms normally associated with PMS and we found men actually scored higher than women in everything apart from water retention.”

The men admitted to feeling antisocial and suffering pathetic concentration; depression; lack of sexual arousal; hot flushes and pain – including stomach cramps, back pain and headaches. The reason that men complained more than women may be because of their alleged lack of forbearance when it comes to illness.

Dr Aubeeluck, who is presenting her findings to the British Psychological Society conference today, said: “There is some evidence to suggest that pain thresholds differ between men and women so it could just be perception of pain.

“It could be that women experience more pain but don’t give it as much attention”.

She said: “If men are experiencing big changes in mood, surely that should be addressed. “While some may be coping, others may be wondering why they feel so down.

“It’s really important for men that if they are suffering they feel they can talk about it .”

The suggestion that men suffer from a form of PMS is bound to divide opinion – as has the theory of the male menopause.

angry-manDoctors also have evidence that middle-aged men experience a sudden fall in testosterone – a hormone responsible for sex drive, sperm production and muscle tone.

However, a American study said that those who complain of hot flushes, excessive sweating, depression and a lack of sex drive are probably suffering the side effects of being overweight, lazy, smoking and drinking too much.

More than 50 per cent of men in their fifties are thought to suffer lethargy, lack of interest in sex, mood swings and even hot flushes, all of which could be caused by a lack of testosterone.

Yet in the study, of 1,700 men from Massachusetts, testosterone was found to decline very gradually with age, at about one per cent a year. The team concluded it was their unhealthy lifestyle that caused the unpleasant symptoms.

by Dr. Amitabh

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