Is The Cause of Cancer Sitting Inside your Homes

Geopathic Stress- The major Killer of Century

A recent Times of India article read “10 lac Indians diagnosed with cancer every year”, breast cancer deadliest, “it is feared that by 2035, 17 lac new patients would be sufferers of this deadly disease”.

Another article from the same newspaper read “Serious health risk from wi-fi devices rising”, there is a consistent pattern of increased risk for Glioma “a malignant brain tumor” & acoustic neuroma with use of mobile & cordless phones. Lennart Hardell from Orebro University, Sweden goes to the extent of suggesting that radio frequency should be classified as human carcinogen.geopathic-stress

In the last decade or so we have observed a steep spike in a host of diseases linked to our heart, nervous system, immune system etc. . For most of these diseases medical sciences do not have any identifiable reasons and have classified them under stress, anxiety and lifestyle based diseases .

Sometimes it surprises us that terminal diseases like Cancer or Alzheimer  strikes people living in perfect home conditions, eating healthy & quality food, leading  happy and relatively stress free lives, never had ever taken any carcinogen substances like nicotine etc., never have been exposed to carcinogenic radiations, have been diagnosed of Cancer and other severely disabling ailments.

In my journey as a Healer over the last 12 years, I have been perpetually bombarded with questions, coming to me from my patients and people in general, that even though people have been living perfect & ideal life they have encountered many physical, mental & emotional traumas which have had serious impacts on their lives and sometimes resulted in deaths too.

Not only that existing medical sciences were of little or no help also paranormal & alternative healing techniques have failed many a times.

This query led me to probe more deeply as to what is the root cause of these severely disabling diseases where neo-medical science offer little or no relief. Why some smokers live a perfectly healthy life and some who have never smoked die of lung cancer? Why silently Alzheimer’s has become a major killer in western countries and also on a rise in our country too? Why in modern times stress & anxiety induced diabetes & blood pressure has gradually become every-man’s disease?

While healing a number of patients, deeply researching their lifestyles, their living spaces, their food habits, I started to feel that almost all of them were under the influence of some energy which was silently overriding all corrections being made to their physical or their mental being.

This silent killer energy I found is  globally recognized as “Geopathic Stress”

earthWhat is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic stress is relatively a new term that focusses on the relationship between the subtle energies of earth & people’s well-being.  “Geo” primarily means “Earth” and “Pathic” means “Suffering”

There is no doubt that Earth energies nurture entire life in any form present on this Earth, however, due to some reasons, sometimes and in some places this nurturing energy gets distorted and becomes the killer causing suffering, pain & misery.

The spinning of earth creates a natural radiation called geomagnetic field which rises form the core of earth and can reach a height of 600 to 30,000 feet above ground. Their direction is random and may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Though this vibration is perfect nurturer of human health, however while rising up to earth’s surface  if it passes through the Geopathic stress lines ( caused by underground water streams, and other geo or man-made faults) , its wavelength becomes distorted. These distorted fields of radiation are considered harmful to all living organisms and are called Geopathic Stress Lines.

Earth’s Natural Electromagnetic Field

All life forms on earth are preserved & nurtured by Earth energies, some of these Earth energies are beneficial for us & nurture our beings in the most balanced way and some are extremely detrimental for our health.  We all know that Earth has a natural magnetic field. The presence of global Electromagnetic phenomena was first predicted by a physicist named Winfried Otto Schumann in 1952. Dr. Schumann research showed that the core of the Earth emits a frequency between 7-12Hz, it is this frequency which sustains all life forms on Earth. There is also a strong co-relation between Schumann Resonance & the Alpha Brain Rhythm.

Researches show that when there is a high level of Alpha Brain frequencies then we are more likely to be healthy. As we move several kilometers away from the surface of the earth, this frequency gets distorted hence to balance this frequency NASA has installed Schumann Resonators in space shuttles.

Researches have also proved that higher frequencies of earth energies are not only out of sync with our brain’s frequency or rhythm but it is often a range that harmful microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi & other parasites thrive in. it is seen that most of the harmful parasites thrive in 150-180 Hz range which is way up our healthy, nurturing frequencies range (7-12 Hz).geoplathic-stress-1

 Cause of Geopathic stress?

We now understand that earth only emits the good frequencies then what distorts it is a good question. Geopathic stress is mainly caused by narrow paths of underground water streams about 200-300 ft below ground. The narrow water path creates an electromagnetic field which distorts earth’s natural vibrations as these pass through the water. It is in particular, the 7.83 hz (cycles per second) which are beneficiary and which we have lived with for millions of years. This is also the optimum part of the Schumann waves & alpha vibrations. Also certain mineral concentrations under the earth, geo fault lines, moving tectonic plates, lava & underground cavities can also disturb earth’s natural vibrations.

Strong Geopathic stress can cause the body’s vibrations rise as high as 250Hz.geopathic-stress3

 How does Geopathic Stress Lines affect Human health?

Geopathic stress lines have a strong impact on our nervous system & on the cells of our body. The most studied aspect of Geopathic Stress on humans is incidence of cancer in those sleeping on Geopathic stress lines. While we sleep, our body’s resistance drops by almost 2/3rds. This is when the body rejuvenates & energizes itself and the immune system is also boosted. If the normal sleeping process is interfered with, we are more susceptible to diseases & remain irritable throughout the day!

Also, this is why chronic diseases can take hold more readily with people  who sleep on Geopathic Stress lines. Geopathic stress does not make you ill or cause Cancer, it simply reduces your defenses and makes you more prone to develop the condition. Also, by not addressing Geopathic Stress, treatment for conditions may not be as effective as they could be because of the negative effect of the Geopathic Stress

Symptoms of Geopathic Stress

Typical symptoms of people influenced by Geopathic stress are cancer, chronic body pains, constant headaches & migraines, early physical aging, irritability, restless sleep & insomnia, a great sense of hunger and greater need to urinate in the night, infertility & miscarriages, disturbed marital relationships, learning difficulties in children associated with behavioral problems & neurological diseases like ADD, dyslexia etc.

Remedies to Correct Geopathic Stress

The Best way to manage Geopathic stress is to avoid it. If you are merely passing through an area with Geopathic Stress Line it might not harm you but constant and prolonged exposure can seriously affect your physical and mental wellbeing.

Here are some of the ways to recognize and manage Geopathic stress:

  • Identify lines and zones of disturbed earth energy currents using dowsing rods, or by calling in a professional dowser
  • Move beds, chairs etc. away from the zones of disturbance
  • Consider Feng Shui, Crystal Alchemy, Vaastu Corrections/Healing
  • Reduce Electromagnetic pollution in your home and work space
  • Educate yourself as much as possible on EMF
  • Body Detox along with corrections by a Pranic or Reiki Healer

amitabh singhDr. Amitabh S. (Ph.D.) is a Master Pranic Healer, Grand Master Reiki, Past Life Regression Therapist and trainer of Transcendental Meditation™. He is also an Expert in Vastu, Fung-shui and The Science of Bioenergetics. He majorly works with Cancer patients and people suffering with immune system disorders. He corrects and energize your home and workplace energies for healthy and disease free living. His enlightening lectures and seminars on Balanced Living and Holistic Healing is for those interested in “Balanced Living”. 

He is the founder of Aadyanta-life, the organization behind the Holistic Wellness movement in India. You can reach him through mail:, and also on Phones: 91- 99 53779369.

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