This is the most Powerful Protection against Negative Energies

Black Tourmaline better known as “your personal protector“, is one of the most  incredible stone  associated with physical and psychic protection, grounding, health, happiness, luck, and positivity. Black Tourmaline is pyroelectric, meaning it generates electricity when heated. It is also piezoelectric, meaning it stores an electrical charge.Black Tourmaline  attracts negative ions which in turn promote clear thinking and lightheartedness. Negative ions are regularly found in nature near waterfalls and fresh air.  This crystal is a powerful stone for protection against any kind of negative energy and evil eye. Wearers claim that Black Tourmaline offers strong spiritual grounding  for amazing psychic growth.

Black Tourmaline is  also considered as one of the most popular crystals to be used for metaphysical purposes. I personally wear it and keep it as a healer to protect myself from any negative entities and elementals and also to neutralize electromagnetic smog around me. (electromagnetic smog is generated around us through a host of electrical and electromagnetic appliances we consume in our daily lives, like T.V., Cellphone, electric bulbs, AC’s, refrigerators etc.)

Tourmaline encourages positive attitudes, good luck and happiness, regardless of the circumstances that you find yourself in. Tourmaline crystal aids to both the professional healers and the average person who wants a stone that will be a positive force for good in your life… as it creates a positive attitude and mindset.

Tourmaline-whats in the word..

This stone’s name is made up of two words, and of course we all understand the Black which relates to its color, but some people have wondered about the word Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline is just one of a group of different colored stones that all have a similar structure… yet its meaning is incorrect when you go back to the origin of the word.

This word came from a regional term in Sri Lanka, based on the Sinhalese word “turmali”, that referred to yellow Zircon. It’s use began due to a mistake, when a consignment of stone was sent from Sri Lanka with the label Turmalin. For some reason they liked the name and began to use it and it stuck, although it has since changed a little to the current word Tourmaline.The structure and look of natural pieces of tourmaline are the same… regardless of the color. This relates to the presence of vertical striations, ridges or furrows on the stones, and this is one way to identify Black Tourmaline in the natural form.

The black variety of Tourmaline has been found in a large number of locations… including Pakistan, Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Africa and the USA. It is also known as Schorl Tourmaline.

This is a powerful asset to your health, as it not only removes the negative energy but by changing it to positive energy it has an excellent effect on your well-being!

How To Use

Having the vibration of Black Tourmaline stone within your aura for as long as possible each day is to your advantage.

Although wearing stones as jewelry is the easiest way to keep a piece of the stone on your body, if this is not possible keep a piece of the stone in the room with you… as this is very helpful.

Tourmaline helps you let go of negativity and self doubts or any feelings of anxiety or negativity of any kind. Use them for grounding and during a grounding meditation, as these are a wonderful ally in the process.

If it is not possible for you to have them on you during the day, it would be advantageous, to at least have a couple of these crystals in the bedroom.

Putting one of these crystals under your pillow will cleanse your etheric body while you sleep… as well as the room where you are sleeping. It will strengthen the immune system and assist pain relief of arthritis… and the relief of spinal or muscular problems.

The good thing about this stone is that it does not absorb negativity, but changes or alters it or transmutes it into positive energy. This means it improves the vibration of the air where it is located. Keeping it in the bedroom will help you to sleep better and wake more refreshed.

Why to use

Use Black Tourmaline for emotional and physical healing, for psychic protection and spiritual progress purpose. BT  strengthens the immune system and pacifies allergies and pain. BT is most effective in  times when you feel negative, depressed or low, and also when you encounter other people who dispel negative vibrations that are bothersome.

Wearing Black Tourmaline jewelry may help you, as it can be advantageous to have piece on your body. These crystals clean and energize the two lowest chakras, which are the earth star chakra and the base chakra… enabling to harness the strong mother earth energies for material abundance and robust health.One awesome fact is that Black Tourmaline not only protects you against psychic attack and negative entities but purifies the entire area where negative energies are located. Also it clears electro-magnetic smog…generated by your lifestyle devises  including your televisions, computers, cellphones, AC’s and the large number of other electrical devices.

One of the powerful things about Black tourmaline is that it will suck up any negativity or disharmony that it encounters from its surroundings. But it does not absorb it… but will transmute, or convert the negative energy into positive energy.

As jewelry made from these black stones is becoming more commonly available, these powerful black stones are now on the of zodiac birthstones. They are a birthstone for the Capricorn sign so you may find lovely birthstone jewelry containing this stone.

amitabh singhDr. Amitabh Singh is the founder of AadyantaLife and  Bioenergetic & Crystal Healer & Wellness Coach. He provides alternative and complementary healing therapies to difficult ailments including cancer. He specializes in Mindfulness Meditation coaching for corporate and business leaders. His thought provoking enlightening lectures are for those who are interested in alternative ways to improve their lifestyle and well being.

  For more guidance on Healing Crystal connect to Dr. Amitabh at

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