Healing Your Present and Brightening Your Future

Reincarnation is the doctrine that says that we evolve spiritually by living a number of life times that is necessary for achieving perfection. The soul never dies and is immortal though our physical body dies. The soul has experienced many life times.topbar

When we are born our soul brings with it all the knowledge, wisdom, and karma of previous life times. The qualities that we express are a result of long lineage of previous life times. The memories of previous life times are stored at the soul level and can’t be recalled at the conscious level. The easiest way to discover and experience a past life is undergo a Past life regression session.

Past Life Regression is a therapy that uses alpha state of consciousness to recover memories of past lives or re-incarnations. It is mentioned in Upanishads and discussed in details in Yoga sutras of Patanjali.past life regression

According to Lord Sri Krishna, the soul is burdened with accumulation of impressions that are a part of karma of previous lives. Later an ardent disciple of Sri Krishna better jbown as Patanjali Maharishi, called the process of Past life regression as Prati-prasav which means “Reverse birthing”. It involves dealing with current life challenges and problems through exploring memories of our past lives and lifetimes.

plrAlthough Past life regression dates back to 4th Century BC when Patanjali instructed how past lives can be recalled through meditation, it made a comeback in modern times around 20th century with Albert de Rochas, a French colonel who practiced hypnotism. He is considered to be the father of Hypnotic regressions. He used magnetism to induce hypnotism. Dick Sutphen, an American past life regression therapist popularized its use in 60’s. Raymond Moody, author of Life after Life and Coming Back gave details of near death experiences. French educator Allan Kardec also delved into past life regression in the book Heaven and Hell.

Brian L. Weiss, a prominent psychiatrist, author of bestselling book Many Lives, Many Masters and Through Time into Healing states that a phobia or illness is not the result of a single lifetime but accumulated traumas of many life times. In such cases the hypnotherapist can direct the patient to pick up key incidents from a cluster of life times. Past life regression flows from key to key moment and is a very practical, successful therapy modality.


amitabh picBy Dr. Amitabh S., Spiritual Coach and Paranormal Healer ( Founder Aadyantalife)

Aadyanta Life, Pune has been helping people with Past Life Regression Therapy to come out with the issues related with the relationships, career, finances, health and mind.

Contact Us @ info@aadyantalife.com for taking a Past life regression session in Pune or Call us on 9910047147

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